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How to Revamp Your Dusty Old Lamp in One Hour

Tags: DIY, Revamp The Lamp, DIY Challenge, Thrift Store

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How to Revamp Your Dusty Old Lamp in One Hour

We use lighting in every single room of our homes. It’s one of the first things we turn on in the morning and the last thing we turn off at night. Your lighting can really set the ambiance of your home. The only problem is, light fixtures can quickly become outdated and old looking. Lamps especially are often replaced in your home and depending on what you get, it can become pretty costly. That’s why we decided to kick off our first ever DIY challenge with “Revamp the Lamp.” Here at the office, four brave individuals stepped up to the challenge. They were given one hour to “revamp” their old lamp either purchased from the local thrift store or found collecting dust in their basement. Here’s what happened:

After they completed the challenge, we interviewed them to see what they thought about the challenge and if they have any helpful tips for beginner DIYers.   

What made you choose the lamp you did?

Nick: Love at first sight.

Danielle: I chose the lamp I did, because it was an old lamp we already had at my house that we didn't use.

Lori: I didn’t choose the lamp, the lamp chose me.

Sam: I loved the shape of the lamp and at $5 it was a steal!  

Was there any certain type of paint or fabric required to get the look you wanted?

Nick: I needed black fabric dye to color the shade and chrome spray paint to cover the base. I was surprised how metallic the chrome paint looked when I was done.

Danielle: I used fabric spray paint on the shade, then regular spray paint on the base and acrylic paint to paint the stripes.

Lori: I used fabric dye to paint the ribbing of the shade and matte spray paint for the base.

Sam: I used gloss spray paint for the base to keep it shiny like the original color and then I put a thin cotton fabric over the lampshade.

What was the hardest part of this DIY project?

Nick: Ensuring I didn't get any paint on the power cord. I ended up using what felt like half a roll of painter’s tape wrapping and bundling a cord into a messy tape-covered knot.

Danielle: The hardest part of the project was thinking of an idea to do and then creating that idea in only an hour.

Lori: The hardest part of the project was getting the spray paint to cover the base. I think I used at least half of the can to cover it.

Sam: Cutting the fabric; I haven’t taken a sewing class in years and placing patterned fabric over a lampshade perfectly is tough if you don’t work with fabric often.

What do you know now you wish you knew before you started?

Nick: I wish I would have known how thick and how quickly the chrome spray paint I used came out. I made the mistake of holding the can too close to the lamp and ended up with drip marks down the end of the base.

Danielle: I wish I would've thought of a plan before starting, instead of winging it.

Lori: That painting the ribbing on the shade was going to take FOREVER. I would also look into maybe using a different type of spray paint. I just bought some that was on clearance at the craft store.

Sam: Using patterned fabric on a lampshade isn’t something a beginner can do without looking up directions first. 

What tips would give you for someone doing this project (or any general DIY project)?

Nick: When it comes to spray paint, sweep, don’t point. To get an even coat, hold the can a good distance away and sweep horizontally and vertically across the object you are trying to cover.

Danielle: I would say make sure you know exactly what you want done, and just have fun doing it.

Lori: 1. DIY projects are not always as easy as they look. They can require a great deal of patience. 2. If you are going to spray paint make sure that you are not facing the directions of the wind and that there are no cars behind you. 3. Make sure to wear gloves if you are painting or using dyes. 4. Most of all have fun and be creative!  

Sam: A lot of websites make DIY projects look super easy but unless you do them all the time, they’re not. You have to take your time and have a plan before you begin. Be patient and don’t be afraid to keep trying if you get it wrong the first time!

Now we challenge you! Share with us your before and after DIY photos and the best DIYer will win a prize! If you would like to participate in our DIY Challenge, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share your photos with us and include the hashtag #handyproDIY. 

***Disclaimer: None of the HandyPro representatives shown in the video are skilled handymen. If you are interested in having a skilled craftsman come out to your home for a free estimate, contact us here.

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