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You Should Not Miss These Bathroom Trends in 2020

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You Should Not Miss These Bathroom Trends in 2020

The newest patterns, textures, finishes, styles, and paints of all types are the major bathroom trends for this year. Go for the most upgraded styles in the market and look for some inspiration online for the next bathroom remodel. From showers and bathtubs to vanities and sinks, everything can be remodeled just the way you want. Are you someone who has been planning to renovate the bathroom but don’t know how to do it right? If yes, then before you get started, it is essential to take a look at the hottest bathroom trends coming your way in 2020. Detailed and refined tiling in natural neutral colors or biophilia inspired designs, now you can pick the best bathroom fitting as per your needs and budget. 

Keeping the bathroom vibrant and modern is not an easy task, but fortunately, whether you have a small or large bathroom, now you can select from some simple bathroom designs which will help it look amazing for a long time. 

Have a look at these top 7 bathroom trends which will assist you to decide what the new space must look like – 

1. Use of wood accents – Several shades of the wood holds the ability to compliment blue, white, green, as well as darker colored bathrooms. You can use them practically anywhere in space. They pair accurately with industrial and vintage trends so it comes as no wonder that they are gaining significance again. The look adds the classically conventional style to your otherwise modern and trendy bathroom. Also, do not forget to choose the most unique styles. 

There is no denying the fact that wood is an ideal option to make your bathroom look more attractive. By using the rich range of patterns and colors in one of the most preferred bathroom designs, you can make space look more appealing than ever. Since grey is gradually making its way out of the house renovation trends, there is a boost in the return of warmer accents and tones, especially wooden ones. 

2. Adding a dash of color – The most favorite colors in trend for 2020 are light yellow, pumpkin red, and champagne. Viewing as both orange and yellow are instead in-your-face colors, it is vital to discreetly integrate them. This year has seen an unbelievable rise of colorful fixtures, accessories, and accents in the bathrooms. These pops of the color pair well with the neutral shade, either dark or light. Among a variety of latest bathroom trends, you might have heard of blue or green bathrooms becoming more famous and that is why you are going to see it a lot more in the modern 2020 bathroom trends. 

Adding striking look or vibrancy does not inevitably need adding the new cabinets or sink, at times, it is as easy as only repainting your current bathroom. The particular selected color can be utilized for setting several moods. For instance, pops of the color blue in houses is believed to enhance the relaxation levels. While, on the other hand, green signifies feelings of wellness and nature. 

3. Utilizing mini storage spaces – The bathrooms in 2020 will showcase easier ways of living as they reduce item storage as well as the required space. Compacted cabinets, storage areas, and shelves are one of the topmost latest bathroom trends as well as will be displayed in an easy manner which promotes minimalist habits. It is believed that this lifestyle helps in keeping you more organized and relieving stress. Even in case, the other rooms in your house are not as minimal, your bathroom is the relaxation sanctuary, as well as compact storage, which can efficiently offer just that. 

A famous trend with practical applications like storage and space is always premium in a bathroom. This concept is taking a current item in the bathroom, i.e., your vanities, cabinets, shelves and then applying the other storage area within it. Contemporary wall shelving, vanity under the space storage and hidden cabinets will appear as less cluttered, permitting the whole bathroom to feel more organized and open. 

4. Picking open showers – Along with browsing through the latest bathroom tile trends, do not forget that space is also the major reason why most of the house owners go for remodeling their bathroom. With a lot of options for compact storage, you offer yourself more room for expanding on the shower or bath. When it comes to showers, there are plenty of distinctive types in the market. But, open-concept Italian showers are the trendiest ones, specifically those which are fully equipped and multi-functional i.e., misting system, integrated bench, anti-fog mirror, ambient lighting, and linear drain, etc. 

Open showers seek to visually enhance your bathroom’s size, at the same time also providing it with more convenience and space for the users. So, gone are those days when you need to worry about slipping over the tub’s edge while attempting to go out as well as dry off. Now, the question arises: what is the benefit of applying bathroom tile trends and opting for an open shower? Well, the answer is that it boosts the beauty of your bathroom like never before. 

5. Choosing heated bathroom floors – The common issue with going to your bathroom during night is placing your feet on cold frigid floors, and although the technology of heated floor has been in the industry since a long time, nowadays this trend has become quite popular, thanks to the advances in the technology of electrical heating. In case you purchased the pair of slippers only for escaping that cold sensation on your feet’ bottom while walking across the bathroom floor, it may be a good investment to add a heating system under the floor. 

When the temperature outside is dropping, your wish of having warm feet can become the reality. The importance of underfloor heating and buying the best plumbing products has gained a lot of popularity in recent times as the former can be utilized with a range of flooring alternatives such as concrete, tile, wood, and vinyl, etc. In your bathroom, now a cold tile can be transformed into a soothing beautiful warm floor.

6. Going Green with Biophilic design – This look puts a person in touch with nature. It has been proven that one is a lot more performing and efficient, more focused and calmer in case he/she is surrounded by nature. An instant way of making your bathroom look like it has been thrown into nature is by integrating several plants in the decor. Moreover, a lot of people are nowadays putting great emphasis on 2 major things i.e., getting the best plumbing products as well as making their bathroom look calm and attractive. 

If you want, you can also create the wall filled with greenery, opt for natural material tiles, and choose the standalone tub as well as oddly shaped sinks for inspiring nature’s natural shapes. When it comes to the colors for your space, look for the soothing tones with a few greys, greens, and whites. Want a touch of green into your life? This year, the increasing trend is for incorporating plants not only as of the standalone fixture, but you can also add them to the walls as well as create a greener atmosphere for the bathroom. 

7. Making the most of refined tiling – In terms of small bathroom designs, the traditional rectangle subway tiles are getting pushed out of the way and funkier shapes such as scallops and hexagons are taking their place. Choosing the shaped tile pattern is an amazing way for making an impact in case you are not ready to commit to the big color. A resurgence of the once well-known tiles of the past, as well as some new designs, has been witnessed in recent years. 

Gone are those days when people were happy with only the subway tile or the huge format tile on their wall. Now, you can choose from a plethora of different tile shapes. So, search for improved and new arabesque, hexagon, Moroccan fish scales, chevron, or diamond patterns in new textures and colors. These fascinating shapes will not only grace your floor, but they will also be utilized as the bathroom backsplashes on the shower walls, as well as possibly the ceiling accents for creating those bold accents that we desire. 

While a lot of these trends are famous and for obvious good reasons, you need to choose only the one that can complement your bathroom. These large and small bathroom designs are guidelines as at the end of the day, you must always execute those styles and designs which make you comfortable because after all, it is your bathroom, right? There are endless possibilities when it comes to bathroom trends and you can also blend them for achieving the look that you feel would make your bathroom more stunning. Yes, you heard it right, these latest 2020 trends are your ultimate answer of how to make my bathroom look one of a kind. 

Contributed by: Harsh Nankani


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